Nonverbal Communication


The majority of a message’s meaning is communicated nonverbally. Understanding the 10 primary nonverbal channels helps us to become more effective communicators. After reviewing the channels, participants will examine how they can use them to improve their workplace communication across face-to-face and technologically mitigated interaction.


We will define and/or examine the channels of nonverbal communication and articulate how the channels interact in their personal and professional lives.

  1. Facial displays
  2. Eye behaviors
  3. Kinesics
  4. Haptics
  5. Vocalics
  6. Olfactics
  7. Proxemics
  8. Physical appearance
  9. Chronemics
  10. Use of artifacts

Who will Benefit:

  • Employees who manage people
  • Employees who work with customers
  • People who would like to increase their ability to accurately encode and decode messages


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