The RBJ Story

Self actualization circuit with title

“What a man can be, he must be. This need we call self-actualization.”

-Abraham Maslow


We envision a world where people are motivated to reach their full human potential. Where we reach beyond daily routines in order to grow to become better at who we are, what we do, and how we can be of service to others.


To help people develop essential personal and professional communication skills that enhance human connections, increase self- and other-awareness, and grow relationships. We accomplish this by providing coaching, consulting, and creative experience-based learning services.


Always people first. Always relationships first. This is our guiding philosophy and reason for being. We envision a world in which people feel connected to one another in meaningful ways. Everything we say and do is dedicated to enriching and inspiring the human experience.

Training vs. Education.

Experts have noted the distinct, yet related goals of training and education programs. Training is often contextual, providing students with special skills that can be applied in specific circumstances. For example, when training a gymnast to do a back handspring, we go over the importance of proper technique which incorporates strength and flexibility. If the gymnast is able to master the skill, then he or she can continually execute a successful back handspring.

Education takes training to the next level. It allows the student to take a variety of skills and apply them in diverse contexts. So, if we are going to educate our gymnast about how to do a back handspring, he or she will understand not only WHAT should be done, but also WHY it should be done. In other words, the athlete will now have an understanding of body mechanics and basic physics.

Training can lead to production. The gymnast should be able to perform a beautiful back handspring time and time again. Education can lead to empowerment. The educated athlete can now take this understanding of body mechanics and use this knowledge to create new ways of moving. He or she is no longer stuck with only performing back handsprings. The gymnast can now innovate.

Empowerment of Education.

Having been both a professional trainer and an educator, I understand the potential of both methods of teaching. However, since today’s dynamic world and workplace can quickly make skill sets or contexts obsolete, that is why I favor the empowerment of education. Right.Brain.Journeys will take you on an educational voyage of self-exploration that will enable you to develop a variety of right-brain skills such as creativity, empathy and relationship-building. As a result, your work life can certainly benefit. Perhaps more importantly though, developing your soft skills can improve the quality of your personal life.




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